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Signature Self-Paced fitness & mindset Course BY LYNETTE MARIE

Create a full lifestyle transformation by overcoming your unhealthy relationship with food and fitness so you can finally achieve and maintain the physical results you want.


Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

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    You feel like you've tried everything to "stay on track" with your fitness goals but just can't seem to. You’re feeling frustrated and like giving up. You’ve tricked yourself into thinking you have to be this weight forever, or you’ll have to give up your whole life just to lose it.

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    You know the basics of nutrition and fitness, but are overwhelmed by all the information available and about what is actually best for you and YOUR body. The blogs, inspirational Instagram posts and YouTube videos just aren’t cutting it anymore. You need someone who can actually help YOU. 

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    You struggle with body image, negative self talk and beliefs that would make you blush if you said them out loud. You want to heal that part of yourself, so you can start thinking more positively about your body and what you see in the mirror.

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    You are tired of freaking out about food, meals out with friends, and "not hitting your macros perfectly". It’s sucked all the joy out of eating for you and replaced it with a confusing combination of mathematics and guilt. “Oops, I had a cupcake today? That’s another hour of HIT tomorrow to burn it off.”

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    You are ready to break the cycle of restrictive diets that work for a week and then cause you to gain all of the weight back the second you deviate from the plan (AKA act like a human.)

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    You’ve “started over” on your fitness journey more times than you can count, and you’re starting to doubt whether you actually have it in you to stay consistent and reach your fitness goals.

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Balance + Thrive teaches you the process that I spent YEARS trying to figure out. This is where you’ll gain REAL understanding about nutrition, find out what's really been holding you back from reaching your fitness goals, and ditch the all or nothing mentality that’s been sabotaging your progress and sneakily adding inches to your waistline for years.


Balance And Thrive is a Self-Paced fitness & mindset Course for women who want to let go of the guilt around food, feel and look their best, and set consistent healthy habits that are actually sustainable.

Because what good is looking great if you can’t live your life at the same time? 

Here's what a few Balance & Thrive graduates have to say:

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“It was in B&T that I learned how to nurture both my body and mind.

I learned that progress is better than trying to reach for perfection. I learned to not just be committed to getting results, but to be committed to the whole process of change and growth, which in the long run helped me to get results.

B&T helped me become the person I am today. It has given me the tools to help take back control of my life and not let food or exercise scare me. A year ago I would never have imagined I would be where I am today, both in my mindset and my daily life routines. I can honestly say that this program has both changed and impacted my life and I am forever grateful to Lynette and her team.”

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“Working with Lynette has truly changed my life.

She has helped me to completely transform my relationship with food, exercise and my body. I felt like I always had her support and she was able to determine what my specific needs were as a client. I have worked with many coaches over the years and this is my first experience with a healthy, sustainable approach to health and fitness.

Lynette doesn’t just care about your results in numbers and inches. She genuinely wants to help you live your best life possible while reaching your goals. I’m so thankful for my experience working with her and have plans to continue in the future.”

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“I have lost 17 pounds over the last three months!

Right before I joined B&T I heard the quote, “what got you here won’t get you there” and that’s when I knew I had to change my lifestyle and mentality because what I was doing up until that point hadn’t gotten me anywhere close to where I wanted to be.

I learned how to better plan my days for success and had the added support of Lynette, amazing co-coaches and the other fantastic ladies in the program to be both my cheerleaders and accountability partners when I needed it most. I’m beyond happy I took the plunge into B&T! I’m excited to start another round and think so many women could benefit from this program like I have! ”

Hi, I’m Lynette

Over the last 7 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women lose fat without sacrificing their favorite food, social life, or happiness.

Losing weight shouldn’t suck. And guess what? It doesn’t have to.

After years of my own chronic dieting & restricting calories, I realized I was burnt out. I was tired of trying to choose between nachos and abs.

But I realized I didn’t have to… and neither do you.



There’s so much bad information out there claiming that the road to a bikini body is paved with calorie counting, twice-a-day cardio, and being the weird girl who brings her own cut-up cucumbers to the restaurant instead of ordering off the menu.

They brainwash you into thinking that if you just follow this strict meal plan, read that detox eBook or stream the latest fitness fad on your laptop, you too can drop a bajillion pounds in 30 days.

Um... no. That’s a fast track to burnout, binging and slingshotting back up to more than you weighed before you started the diet. It only leaves you feeling like a complete failure over and over again...and further away from your goal than last time.

No wonder everyone’s searching for a mythical, magic weight loss pill to solve the problem — because when you’ve tried every option available and you STILL have to buy new, bigger jeans every 3 months, it’s frustrating as heck.

You’re not broken, babe.

The fitness industry is.

And it’s time we do something about it.

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is here to change the way you think
about food, fitness and “following the rules.”

This is where we rewrite the weight loss paradigm, break up with the mental and emotional war we put ourselves through and feel better about our bodies... all while getting incredible results that last a lifetime.

You are so deserving of achieving and maintaining your fitness goals, and living a balanced lifestyle. All of this is possible for you inside of Balance + Thrive.

Let’s hear about some of my client wins

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“I’m losing weight and best of all, I’m truly HAPPY.

I can say with complete certainty that my life has forever changed in the best way possible. It’s hard for me to remember when was the last time I had a healthy relationship with food. And knowing this and after having tried all the things, I found myself ready to give up on myself. It wasn’t until I had the sweetest conversation with Lynette that I knew she was exactly the person I needed to help me through this journey.

There are just not enough words to express my gratitude. I’m finally free and in a healthy relationship with food. I’m not chained down and I’m not emotionally eating every night anymore. This investment in myself is priceless compared to all of the beautiful breakthrough moments I’ve experienced.”

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“Losing 15 pounds was awesome, but the mindset transformation is truly invaluable.

I have tried every diet, detox and cleanse and never found something sustainable. Lynette was exactly what I needed. Balance and Thrive is unlike anything else on the market. She guides you to the root cause of your weight gain, establishes new habits and goals, and leads you to a complete transformation. The group aspect is AMAZING and a year later we are all still Instagram BFFs encouraging each other daily!

Not only has Lynette changed my mindset physically, but her leadership also encouraged me to pursue my dream career after years of excuses and limited beliefs! I have never been happier! I am forever thankful for her and this life-changing program."

This program is about creating a complete lifestyle change.

Imagine if...

  • plus-sign were able to look in the mirror and loved how you fit in your clothes?

  • plus-sign were able to not feel deprived around food because of non-stop dieting?

  • plus-sign could stop hopping from diet to diet and actually find what works for you, brings you results and lets you enjoy life?

  • plus-sign finally banished the "all or nothing" mentality around food and exercise and could learn to not hate yourself for not being "perfect"?

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    ...your fitness journey stopped being about stress, anxiety and restriction, and you finally felt like you were truly thriving in this area of your life?

It is totally possible for you to get the body that you want and the physique that you’re craving in a way that doesn’t require you to be bound to a scale or measuring cups, or points or anything like that. I’ll show you how inside of The Balance + Thrive Course.

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Your “Omg, FINALLY!” blueprint for ending the cycle of restrictive dieting and guilt, and gaining the results, balance and the LIFE you've been dreaming of.

Balance and Thrive is a Self-Paced fitness Course for women who want to be in control of their weight loss — and stop letting their weight loss control them. 

You don’t have to keep doing this alone. In fact, trying to change your thinking and habits around fitness totally on your own is a big reason that you haven’t been able to maintain results in the past. You need guidance from someone who has gone through the exact same journey to show you how to you stay committed to creating a lifestyle change.

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Here’s what you get inside of Balance + Thrive:

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Video Modules

Exclusive Balance and Thrive video modules that give you all the tools and training you need to not just succeed but to slay your weight loss goals.

These are based on the 4 Balance and Thrive pillars that have helped countless women just like you (including myself)! lose weight and keep it off by implementing and integrating daily sustainable habits.

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Nutrition Protocol Guide

No more printing off random meal plans from the internet and hoping they work! You'll be given a step-by-step guide to calculate your nutrition protocol based on your needs AND how you'd like to approach your diet - calorie tracking, macro tracking, intuitive eating, or somewhere in between!  It'll point you in the right direction and take the guesswork out of eating, so you never have to stand in front of an empty fridge and wonder what the heck to eat again.

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3 easy-to-follow workout plans

Including one for home workouts, a beginner gym track and a more advanced fitness plan. Because a girl’s gotta have options!

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NEW! Access to Live Workout Library

Access to recorded live workouts to help keep you accountable to working out & guiding you through a great sweat session.

Let’s hear about some of my client wins

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Balance + Thrive is built on 4 main pillars that we’ll cover in detail during this self-paced course:

MODULE 1: Developing a Healthy Mindset

We'll start by identifying the negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that have held you back from succeeding in your fitness goals. You'll learn how to change your mindset so that fitness can become a positive and integral part of your balanced lifestyle.

MODULE 2: Understanding Nutrition & Exercise

Once we've set the foundation with your mindset, it's all about understanding nutrition and exercise. You'll learn all about macro and calorie tracking, how to build an effective workout plan for yourself, and how to develop a nutrition plan that is totally customized to your lifestyle, your body, and your fitness goals.

MODULE 3: Building Healthy Habits & Routines

Next, we'll dig deep into the tough subjects like emotional eating and your current habits around food. You'll learn to change the way you think about fitness and nutrition so you can start developing healthy habits that help you achieve the balanced lifestyle and physical results that you want.

MODULE 4: Lifestyle Integration

If what you've done to lose weight isn't sustainable to some degree, then you will likely gain weight back once you end your weight loss plan. That's why in the final module, we discuss how to seamlessly transition out of a weight loss phase into a weight maintenance phase with true intuitive eating and how to self-manage and regulate diet without numbers, rules or scales.

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The Balance & Thrive Difference

In Balance + Thrive, we take a totally different approach. Rather than focusing all your energy into getting a certain physical result in a set period of time, you’ll learn how to:

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    Change your mindset and develop a healthy relationship with food and dieting that will lead to lasting results. 

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    Focus on your mindset, which leads to healthier thoughts, which leads to healthier habits, which leads to better and sustainable physical results.  Mindset → Habits → Body

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    Create your own plan and understand what your body needs so you don’t need to constantly be buying new programs or paying a new coach to tell you what to do to lose weight. 

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    Integrate a healthy and balanced approach to fitness into your life.

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    Eat in a way that feels good, and helps you have the body that you want without having to track or weigh or measure all the time

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    Transition away from tracking and into intuitive eating so you can maintain your results over time

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It is totally possible for you to get the body that you want and the physique that you’re craving in a way that doesn’t require you to be bound to a scale or measuring cups, or points or anything like that. I’ll show you how inside of Balance + Thrive.

If this sounds like you, I can absolutely help you break that cycle and finally develop a healthy and balanced approach to fitness that leads to lasting results!

These amazing women learned how to overcome their unhealthy relationship with food and fitness. And you can too!


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By the end of Balance & Thrive, you will:

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    Be able to understand nutrition enough to set, track and manipulate your own macros based on your own needs in order to reach any goal, and know what works best for YOU. (It’s much easier than you think, I swear!) 

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    Feel confident in your body and in control of your own fitness journey. No more feeling captive to your calories, chaining yourself to the treadmill or committing to plans that just won’t work for you.

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    Learn how to identify the behaviors that are holding you back from reaching your fitness goals and living your life in a way that truly allows you to thrive. You’ll be able to identify and stop the behaviors with food that you don’t like and that don’t serve you. You’ll finally be able to get control over your habits and mindset around food.

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    Finally be free from obsession and nonstop thinking about food, your next meal, avoiding dinners out with friends, and every other food-related situation where you wish you could just enjoy your time rather than thinking about food! “Hello, waitress? Yes, I’ll please have the nachos with extra guac. No, I won’t be apologizing for it.”

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    Be able to seamlessly transition into intuitive eating without stress, weight gain, or restriction. Finally, you’ll be eating the way you were always meant to — before the world told you you were wrong.

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    Have the tools required to have peace and happiness around food, your body, and yourself. You will truly be thriving inside and out and have new ways of dealing with stress and negative emotions! This is what confidence looks like! 

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You are so worthy of achieving and receiving all of the things that you want for yourself.

Whether it’s hitting your weight goal, or finding balance and feeling good about your body, you are 1000% worthy of it. Inside of Balance + Thrive I’ll show you how to start believing that for yourself so you can stop doing self sabotaging and start confidently moving forward to reach your goals.

Results from Balance + Thrive graduates

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“Being in the program was just what I needed to help my mindset shift.

Before Balance & Thrive I struggled with emotional eating and lack of self control with food whenever eating at a restaurant. I would over eat to the point where I was in pain from being so full. The group atmosphere with other women who knew exactly what I was feeling always reminded me I wasn’t alone. Since going through 2 rounds of balance and thrive, I no longer emotionally eat. I make better decisions with my food while eating out. I know how to stop when I’m full, even if the food tastes good. Food is no longer stressful to me. I am also way more loving and kind to myself than I was before B&T. I highly recommend this to any one who struggles with similar issues!”

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“Balance and Thrive literally changed my life and I’m thankful every single day for taking the leap and joining.

Before Balance and Thrive I had a terrible relationship with food. I started yo-yo dieting at a young age and struggled with my weight my entire life. I always thought I needed to get better at dieting, then I would finally be able to lose the weight. So many times I told myself I was destined to be overweight and I might as well just give up. With Balance and Thrive and Lynette’s coaching, I healed my relationship with food and completely changed my mindset around health and fitness. Changing my mindset was the absolute game changer for me. Now, fitness and weight loss are, dare I say, *easy* for me and not something that controls my life anymore"

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“I have lost 17.5 pounds! Actually, I didn’t lose them, I let them go!

I joined B&T because I was tired of not being the person I knew I was supposed to be. I was tired of apologizing for how long it’s taking me to lose the “baby weight.” I was tired of looking in the mirror and not identifying with the person I saw staring back at me. I was tired of trying to do it on my own- feeling like I was doing everything but not getting the results I wanted. This experience has been a game changer for me. I feel free, and I feel confident I am going to continue losing the rest of the weight. I know that it will stay off because I finally have a truly balanced diet and great relationship with food!"

What's Included:

+ Lifetime access to 20+ Balance & Thrive curriculum training video modules

+ Access to Library of Recorded Live workouts

+ Lynette's Guide to Calculating Your Own Nutrition Protocol

+ Choice of 3 Easy-to-Follow Workout Plans



+ Ebook with over 50 high-protein recipes

Are you with us?



Payment plan option

3 monthly
payments of

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When you show up and commit to making this lifestyle change through Balance + Thrive, you will find balance in your life and in your fitness journey.

Balance + Thrive is simple:
Shift your beliefs. Nail the habits.
Lose the Weight. Period.

Are you ready to commit to showing up for yourself and being willing to learn, you’ll lose weight in a way that’s healthy and sustainable?

Are you with us?

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DISCLAIMER: While these techniques and our trainings can make you successful without having existing experience, there is no guarantee of results. It is NOT a way to create weight loss without effort. This opportunity is implementation of information. I’m only sharing what has worked for us and our clients. Your results are entirely dependent on your attitude, work ethic, and the quality of your choices. If you are NOT interested in doing whatever it takes, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP.

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